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East Aurora, NY
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Welcome to Urban Design East Aurora, NY


Did the 'life' leave your living room? Is your bedroom boring?  (no pun intended)

Kitchen lost its' sizzle? Embarrassed by your entryway?

If so, then perhaps you need a little boost.  Urban Design, the master of  inspiration is here to transform your space from tiresome to tantalizing. Give the gift of creation to your loved ones.

When Urban Design opened its doors in their new space in East Aurora a few short weeks ago, the attendees of the opening were amazed when they saw how an old horseshoe barn was turned into an exquisite design center where, as Lisa DeCarlo, Chief Executive Creator at Urban Design says, "Nothing is ever really trash.  We can transform virtually anything into something beautiful that you can use in the home."

The "Artgineer's" at Urban Design have transformed railroad ties into benches and tables that would rival any which one would see in a very high end furniture gallery, old barn wood into tables,  wine casks into bars, wine boxes into cabinets, rusty fan covers into exquisite lighting concepts and more.

Imagine opening your eyes to a bright new world in your own home. Waking to the sublime is possible.
If you or your loved one has ever had the idea of changing the way you live, then you owe it to yourself to update your future and transform  your life.

Specializing in space planning, Reclaiming, Rethinking and Repurposing, the artisans at Urban Design can turn the 'drab into fab' in no time and within your budget.

Let Urban Design be your muse.  Design packages to fit every budget, every style, every space.  If you can think it, it can be!

Call for your personal consultation and find out how you can surprise your loved ones and change your future. 

RETHINK...that's our word!

INDUSTRIAL CHIC...where URBAN meets TUSCANO and our imagination is our only limitation! That SOUNDS exciting...because it IS!

Furniture & Accessories become as much of an INDIVIDUAL as YOU are at URBAN DESIGN! Each piece is meticulously master crafted right on location.

What DO we DO...exactly?

  • Custom, master crafted original furniture
  • Fun and unique Home accessories
  • Innovative lighting from repurposed materials
  • Custom interior design / residential & commercial renovation